Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Round 3 Results

Okay, round 3 is now over, time to summarize. If the point scheme doesn't make sense, see this blog entry:

Since my wife and I had identical round 3 predictions my lead is unchanged. I'm still ahead by one point going into the final round. And if you see our final predictions here, you'll note that there is the possibility we could be tied after the playoffs are over. Of course as anyone who is married knows, you cannot have any bet, game, or competition ever end in a tie with your significant other. Thus in the event we are tied, the tie-breaker will be whoever predicted the winning team in the final round.

IOW, if Anaheim wins, I get to brag over my wife. If the Sens win, she'll hold this over me until next year's playoffs. :)

At any rate, click the link below for the breakdown of the results from round 3:

Round 3 results

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