Friday, April 27, 2012

NHL Round 2 Playoff Predictions

So uhm, yeah, that round 1 didn't go the way I had hoped. Here goes with round 2:

Eastern Conference

Philadelphia Flyers vs New Jersey Devils
My Prediction: Philly in 6
Wife's Prediction: NJ in 5

New York Rangers vs Washington Capitals
My Prediction: Caps in 6
Wife's Prediction: NY in 7

Western Conference

Phoenix Coyotes vs Nashville Predators
My Prediction: Yotes in 6
Wife's Prediction: Yotes in 7

St Louis Blues vs LA Kings
My Prediction: Kings in 6
Wife's Prediction: Kings in 6

There you go.  So with Vancouver out, I'm a bit torn on who to root for.  This really is a sucky year for teams I follow.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NHL Playoff Predictions 2012 -- Round 1

It's that time of year again, time for my yearly blog post mentioning my NHL playoff predictions. Here goes. And of course, as with previous years my wife's predictions are given as well (we have a completely not elaborate scoring system and the winner at the end of the playoffs gets bragging rights).

Eastern Conference

NY Rangers vs Ottawa Senators

My Prediction: NYR in 4
Wife's Prediction: Sens in 7

Boston Bruins vs Washington Capitals

I'm biased on this series, as I hate the Bruins, but I really think this one has the making of an upset. Caps won't go far past round 1, but I really think they have the potential to surprise an overachieving B's club.

My Prediction: Caps in 7
Wife's Prediction: Caps in 7

Florida Panthers vs NJ Devils

My Prediction: NJ in 6
Wife's Prediction:NJ in 6

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Philadelphia Flyers

Man, this one is just going to be a war.

My Prediction: Pens in 7
Wife's Prediction: Pens in 5

Western Conference

St Louis Blues vs SJ Sharks

My Prediction: Blues in 5
Wife's Prediction: Sharks in 5

Phoenix Coyotes vs Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago worries me. They are definitely my dark horse for the west, I wouldn't be surprised to see them surprise people and go far.

My Prediction: Chicago in 6
Wife's Prediction: Phoenix in 6

Nashville Predators vs Detroit Red Wings

Back around Jan/early Feb Detroit was my pick to win it all this year. I dunno what's going on there, but they've really stumbled of late. And I know what Nashville is capable of in the playoffs, there's a definite risk here of having a goalie steal a series. I hope Detroit wins, but don't be surprised if Nashville makes it through.

My Prediction: Preds in 7
Wife's Prediction: Preds in 7

Vancouver Canucks vs LA Kings

This is the year. See you all in June when Hank raises the cup.

My Prediction: Canucks in 5
Wife's Prediction: Canucks in 5