Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Final Predictions

Y'know it's so very hard to be humble when you're as good as I am at predicting how series are going to go. ;) 2 for 2 in round 3, and so far I'm 13/14 overall. So it's time for the final predictions of the year.

Stanley Cup Final

Anaheim vs Ottawa
This is actually a really tough one to call, as these teams are very evenly matched. I think goaltending is a tossup (I don't think Emery gets enough credit), scoring is pretty close (although slight edge to Ottawa), and both are defensively strong (although of course with the twin towers of Niedermeyer and Pronger the Ducks get the slight edge here). I really want the Sens to pull this one off so that we can finally have a Canadian champ, but I think the extra experience that the Ducks have combined with the extra long layoff the Sens have had will tip things in favour of hockey's favourite fowls. I hate to say it, but Anaheim in 6. Wife's prediction: Ottawa in 6.