Friday, May 11, 2007

My 360 is dead.......

Well, it would appear that the Xbox gods are not smiling upon me as I am now getting the dreaded 3 rings indicating that my 360 has failed about 3 days after the spring dashboard update. I know it's a bit of a logical fallacy to assume that because the failure occurred after the update that the update was the cause, but it really is hard to not assume that this is the case.

So this morning I called MS's customer service, and I gotta say I was actually pleasantly surprised. It was one of the most positive experiences I've ever had with a customer service department. I was on hold for at most 5 minutes, and the person I dealt with (Auriel?) was very helpful (even if she was a bit hard to understand at times). I've heard some nasty horror stories, but mine (at least so far) has been great.

When my first 360 died I had to deal with the replacement via the store's extended warranty policy and *THAT* was a nightmare (took about a month from the time I took it in to the time I got it back, it voided the extended warranty, etc). For the record that was Future Shop (which is essentially the Canadian version of Best Buy since they are now owned by the same ownership group).

I am wondering though how alone I am, how many people out there have also had their consoles "brick" after the spring update?

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