Monday, April 9, 2007

100 Straight Days of Xbox Love

So as you might have noticed by the entries on the right-hand side, my Xbox 360 has it's own blog at For those unfamiliar with the site, what happens is the site uses the feeds from Microsoft which keep track of what games you play, which achievements you got, etc, and reports them in a blog-like format. In addition various "badges" and stats are reported. Yesterday was a big day for my Xbox, as it was the 100th consecutive day I played at least 1 game with it. In addition there were a few other highlights:
  • 100 straight day of playing
  • Passed the 17K gamerscore mark
  • Another 1000+ gamerscore change day (I played through TMNT, as well as got a couple Gears achievments)
  • Completed a retail game (TMNT), which should give me the 10 retail games completed badge for 360Voice
  • New personal high for most achievements in a day (26)
My only beef about the entry was that achievement for Marvel wasn't actually earned yesterday, but on a day when there were no entries built (but I did play Marvel yesterday so it appears in the list).

Anyways, quick link to my 360's blog:

And for those of you with Xbox's, go sign up for a blog for your 360, it's a hoot to read!

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