Monday, July 31, 2006

GamerCard Python script

Thought I'd share this with the world, I wrote a simple little command-line script in Python that given a Xbox gamer id shows the data from the user's gamercard. For example, output for my id (Pedle Zelnip) would be:

Your gamertag is Pedle Zelnip
Your GamerScore is 2510
You are a Silver member of Xbox Live
Your zone is Recreation
The last few games you've played are:
- Geometry Wars Evolved
- King Kong
- Hexic HD
- Cloning Clyde

No, I'm not a member of the XCDP, this was all done just by examining the public URL (of course as a result if MS ever changes the format of gamercards, my code may very well break). If you want to check it out, you can grab it from:

Usage is just "python userid" where userid is the user you want to check out.

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